Policies & Tuition

Dancewear Requirements

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to another exciting dance season! We look forward to once again seeing our returning students and, of course, meeting all of our new dancers.  This year we have set up an easy online site to buy all of your class wear needs. Here is the direct link to our Curtain Call webpage.

So how does it work?
The items that you need for class are listed on our user-friendly website. We have partnered with Curtain Call and Capezio to offer the most appropriate leotards, tights and shoes for each class. Simply go to your class(es) and place your order online with direct payment (if you do not have a credit card you may purchase a visa gift card at your local grocery or drugstore to use). It’s convenient one-stop shopping with shipment direct to you.

Kindly note that although most orders are generally shipped within two business days, please allow enough time to receive your order before the start of classes.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Let’s Dance!

Pamela Myers Wurdeman


Tuition Information:

ADAAP Apparel Store

Price is per month and is based on number of hours taken each week

Ex: One 1 hour class each week is $65 per month
Ex: One 1 hour class and one 30 minute class each week is $85.00 per month

Siblings receive a $10 monthly discount from their tuition

There are excellent savings with multiple classes!

1/2 hour - 1 hour $65 monthly
1½ hour $85 monthly
2 hours $105 monthly
2½ hours $125 monthly
3 hours $145 monthly
3½ hours $165 monthly
4  hours $185 monthly

Registration and Recital Fees also apply.

This list does not include private class fees.

For questions or to register please call the studio: 336.526.1847

Private Instruction
Private classes are available in half and 1 hour increments for technique cleanup, skill advancement or choreography rehearsal.

Specialized choreography for a Competition or Performance solo, duet and/or trio is also available for an additional fee.

Private Instruction Fees

Private Technique Lessons:
$40 per 30-minute lesson/$80 per hour

Semi-Private Technique Lessons:
$30 per student per 30-minute lesson

Trio Technique Lessons:
$25 per student per 30-minute lesson

Quad Lessons:
$20 per student per 30-minute lesson

Ensemble Lessons:
$15 per student per 30-minute lesson


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